FIGMENT Geelong catalyzes and celebrates an abundance of creativity and passion, challenging artists and our communities to find new ways to create, share, think, and dream.


2014 Event Report

Woohoo! Check out the hot off the pdf-presses FIGMENT Geelong 2014 event report!

It's full of great images, press and learnings from this year's event that will undoubtedly inspire and lead next year's team to ever greater heights in engaging and meaningful interactions with art and community in Geelong.

Get in touch to send us more photos of the event and of course, share your ideas for art and creativity in Geelong.
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FIGMENT Geelong is a grassroots effort, organized and run entirely by really funny, attractive and talented volunteers who love Geelong and making magic happen.

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We'd like to hear from you!

"Lino Inc." by Ruby @ FIGMENT Geelong 2014 (C) 2014 Miriam Fathalla

Whether you came along as an artist, participant, volunteer or innocent bystander, we'd love to hear about your impressions of this year's FIGMENT Geelong so we can make next year's big event even better. 

This survey  was developed for all FIGMENT volunteers, artists and visiting participants and your input would be pure magic to help us make FIGMENT Geelong's 2015 season even better.



Pictures of you... and us!

FIGMENT Geelong 2014 (c) 2014 David Bull

Shots of last weekend are already rolling in and they are awesome - check out more of them on our Facebook page

Do you have any images to share from your experience at FIGMENT Geelong from this year?  Please post to our Facebook page, you can e-mail them to us or tag your Instagram FIGMENT Geelong photos with #figmentgeelong.  We would love to see them! 

volunteer appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Session: Sunday, April 6, 1-5pm @ Little Creatures Brewery and Canteen (free drinks!)

(c) 2014 Miriam Fathalla

We'd love to have the opportunity to say thanks and cheers to all of you that helped make FIGMENT Geelong 2014 the awesome event that it was. 

Meet us this Sunday at Little Creatures to have a drink, a nibble, a dance, a smile and a hug on us! (We'll start spending out decently-sized tab at 1pm, get there early to get the free stuff) 

Thank you!

We hope you had a great time at FIGMENT Geelong 2014 - we sure did!

Big happy helpings of gratitude to all of the artists, volunteers and participants who made FIGMENT Geelong 2014 the awesome, inspiring, hilarious and beautiful event that it was. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop for upcoming interactive arts events!

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FIGMENT Geelong 2014

Part outdoor interactive arts exhibit, grassroots community arts festival and social experiment, FIGMENT Geelong is an arts event like no other. FIGMENT Geelong is you and the rest of the community coming together in a gigantic free arts event in Johnstone Park, Friday March 21 and Saturday March 22, 2014. The essential FIGMENTal difference is you bring the art, you make the art and you experience the art. 

Our mission is to provide a forum for the creation and display of participatory and interactive art from emerging artists in a variety of disciplines ranging from sculpture to visual art to music, performance, and multidisciplinary work: FIGMENT is your chance to make Geelong a little brighter.

FIGMENT is a place to test and shatter the boundaries of our realities. FIGMENT accepts no corporate sponsorship or advertising and is completely run off the steam of volunteer magic and mayhem. Check out  my favourite FIGMENT videothis video of last year's Geelong event or this fabulous promo video to really get the idea.


FIGMENT Geelong is made up of interactive art of all mediums from local, regional and international artists. From interactive installations to participatory performance, games, costuming, activities, sound, illumination, projection and fire art, workshops and anything else you can dream up. FIGMENT Geelong showcases a diverse range of interactive and collaborative works with a special emphasis on interactive light, projection and illumination art for the 2014 event. Selected works will highlight the 11 principles that FIGMENT Geelong is based on.


Expressions of Interest for FIGMENT Geelong 2014 closed 1 March 2014 (but if you have an idea that doesn't need vehicle access or power, you can bring it on the day renegade style - but we'd appreciate an email (info(at) just to know what's going to happen in the park).


At FIGMENT, everyone is an artist and through the arts we build community.

FIGMENT Geelong is a grassroots effort, organized and run entirely by really funny, attractive and talented volunteers who love Geelong and making magic happen.

FIGMENT Geelong at Pako Festa Thank You!

FIGMENT Geelong @ PakoFesta 2014 (c) Lance Youston

The FIGMENT Geelong team would like to extend its Gratitude to the community of Geelong present at PakoFesta. The art activity of creating bunting to be display at the March event was a huge success with dozens participating and visiting the marquee during the day.

Special thanks also goes to the team of volunteers who walked in the parade and helped the FIGMENT Geelong team throughout the day.

FIGMENT Geelong @ PakoFesta 2014 (c) Miriam Fathalla

Artists who created bunting flags at Pako Festa will be able to see their work at the March FIGMENT Event in Johnstone Park, and those who missed out will have a chance to create flags to add to the awesome collaborative bunting project at FIGMENT too.

Call for Volunteers!

FIGMENT Geelong @ PakoFesta 2014 (c) Lance Youston

Are you coming along to FIGMENT Geelong 2014? Maybe you don't have a project, but still want to do something more? FIGMENT Geelong is looking for volunteers to work on the day. You will be involved in a range of areas including setting up the event, greeting and helping artists with their projects. 

This is a great way to dip you toes in and learn about what goes in to creating a festival. Plus you get a cool teeshirt, invited to awesome parties, and something to add to your resume. Sound like you? Email to get involved!

FIGMENT Geelong is a grassroots effort, organized and run entirely by really funny, attractive and talented volunteers who love Geelong and making magic happen.

Check out our website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter , sign up for our newsletter or sign up to be a part of the team!!

FiGMENT Geelong Artist Spotlight: Factory 2

FIGMENT Geelong 2014 Artist Spotlight: Factory 2

Factory2 (c) 2014 Melissa Smith

Taking inspiration from Andy Wahol's comment, "I always thought I’d like my own tombstone to be blank. No epitaph and no name. Well, actually, I’d like it to say ‘Figment,’” returning FIGMENT Geelong artists Lance Youston and Ingrid Petersen and a few newcomers have formed 'Factory 2', a crew that is bringing an unique project to FIGMENT Geelong 2014.

For the Saturday of the event, the 'Warholia Epitaph Project', will invite participants to "lie in a cosy coffin to contemplate their non-existence and what they will want to be remembered by." These words will then be written up on some mock gravestones, with the point being for people to have a chance to consider just what their core values or reasons to be are while still a living breathing human being.

The experience extends to include references to other prolific artists of the 20th century, including David Foster Wallace.

How's your project submission coming along? :)

Pre-Event MeetUp and MuckUp: 6 March, 7-9pm, Beav's Bar

FIGMENT Geelong participants (volunteers, production team, artists and supporters) are invited to get together for a pre-event catch up to troubleshoot any project issues and just get to know each other before we get down to business to make FIGMENT Geelong 2014 the remarkable wow-fest it's bound to be. 

We're also going to be getting up to some renegade promotion - so chalk and balaclavas won't be useless..

Get in touch via if you plan on coming along so we can get an idea on numbers, or just come along on the day if you like surprises!